Highly recommended for all 2018-2019 Cheerleaders!!! 

Activities include tumbling, building, jumps, cheer routines and dance basics, obstacle courses, teamwork/trust games,

arts and crafts, showmanship/spirit building, daily snack provided & a performance/awards ceremony!

Awesome 7:1 camper: coach ratio. 10% Discount for multiple weeks and for siblings at Buntyn & Christ Methodist.


Lindenwood Christian Church ($195/week)

1st-6th        9am-12pm        June 24-28

Wings Summer Camp Fun 2019!

Time to have fun and make new friends!
Join us for the whole week, or just a day!

                    10% discount for multiple weeks!                    

We're proud to offer many camp options and locations to our Wings families!



Available to boys and girls! Learn beginning and intermediate skills on Bars, Balance Beam, Floor, Vault, Mini-Tramp. 

Includes games, obstacle courses, arts & crafts, snack & drink (100 cal., peanut free), awards ceremony, and more!  

Age groups are separate, simultaneous camps.  Awesome 7:1 camper: coach ratio. 

10% Discount for multiple weeks and 10% discount for sibling campers at Buntyn & Christ Methodist.

Half day camp available at most host locations if full day needed. Contact the camp location directly to inquire.

Buntyn Presbyterian Church

($195 week/$40) 

3yrs-SK & 1st-6th        June 3-7         9am-12pm

3yrs-SK & 1st-6th        June 10-14     9am-12pm

3yrs-SK & 1st-6th        June 17-21     9am-12pm

3yrs-SK & 1st-6th        June 24-28     9am-12pm 

3yrs-SK & 1st-6th        July 8-12         9am-12pm                  

3yrs-SK & 1st-6th        July 15-19       9am-12pm                  

3yrs-SK & 1st-6th        July 22-26       9am-12pm 

Christ Methodist Day School

($195 week/$40 day)

3yrs-SK                  July 8-12              9am-12pm

3yrs-SK                  July 22-26            9am-12pm

1st-6th                    July 22-26           1pm-4pm

St George’s


3yrs-SK              June 17-21             9am-12pm

1st-5th                June 17-21             1pm-4pm        

3yrs-SK              July 15-19               9am-12pm                       1st-5th                July 15-19              1pm-4pm                           

Woodland Presbyterian School ( / 901-825-0588)

3yrs-SK                  June 17-21                  9am-12pm

1st-4th                    July 17-21                   1pm-4pm

St. Mary’s School

( / 901-537-1415)               

3yrs-SK &1st-5th     July 15-19                 9am-12pm

Grace St. Luke’s School(

3yrs-SK                June 17-21                   8am-12pm

3yrs-SK                July 29-Aug 1               8am-12pm

1st-5th                  July 29-Aug 1              1pm-5pm




Available to boys and girls!

Learn forward and backward tumbling, power hurdles, combos, mini-tramp skills, and more! 

Great class for focusing on cartwheels, round-offs and back handsprings.

Daily art/craft & snack and an awards ceremony! Awesome 7:1 camper: coach ratio.

10% Discount for multiple weeks, and 10% discount for sibling campers at Buntyn and Christ Methodist.


Grace St. Luke’s School


1st-8th                July 17-21         1pm-5pm

St. George’s

(Germantown) (

1st-6th                July 15-19         1pm-4pm

St. Mary’s School

( / 901-537-1415)               

JK-SK &1st-5th    June-24-28    9am-12pm 

Lindenwood Christian Church

($195 week/$40 day)

1st-8th         July 8-12     9am-12pm  

Christ Methodist Day School

($195 week/$40 day)

1st-8th        July 8-12      1pm-4pm

SUMMER 2019 was incredible!!

Our summer camps were filled with awesome campers full of energy & talent!! We appreciate every single one of you who joined us.

We'd love for you to be a part of SUMMER 2020!

Check back in SPRING 2020 for dates! 



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