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Camp Waiver

My child is, to the best of my knowledge, physically fit and able to participate in this sport.  Any known medical conditions or special circumstances are listed on this form (ex:  asthma, allergies, recurring pain, etc…). I understand that certain personal injury risks are inherent to the participation of sports, including gymnastics. The student and the signed accept and assume all risk of injury associated with participation as of the date registration is submitted.  I indemnify and hold Wings Gymnastics, its employees and instructors harmless regarding liability for any injury that my child may incur during the course of his/her participation in gymnastics class and/or camp activities. If I am not available, I authorize Wings Gymnastics and its employees to seek attention for my child and to execute orders to authorize any emergency medical treatment and transportation which may be required.

*Please be sure to also read our camp policies & procedures


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